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Interview Tips From Comet Employment Agency in Whittier, Santa Fe Springs, Brea and Surrounding Areas

Comet is proud to offer over fifty years of placing professionals. Through ongoing education, we remain current with the ever-changing employment laws. For over fifty years, employers have been telling us what they want in their personnel and we have been providing them with the qualified candidates they want. We know what is effective and what isn't. We will help you analyze your strengths and sell them. We will advise you on resume format, testing, interviewing, and etiquette techniques. Our staff has long-term experience. We pride ourselves on high ethical standards. We always follow up with you after every interview. When you walk out our door, we know you will be prepared for success because we know what makes a winning candidate. After all your success IS our success!
First Impressions

First impressions often make lasting impressions. How you dress, shake hands, and respond to an interviewer's questions will form an image. Make it a positive one. Our staff consists of well informed professionals. You can feel confident in the guidance and advice our staff offers to make a positive impression.

A well prepared resume is essential. If you need help, ask us. We will advise you on a format or proof your existing resume for errors.
The Day Before

Have your resume and your most professional outfit set out the night before. Let your last minute preparations be minor. Make sure to check in with your Comet consultant to be advised of any updates on your interview.
The Interview

A healthy breakfast will keep you alert and your mind active. Arrive early. This will give you time to find parking and arrange your papers. You may be asked to fill out an application even if you have a resume. Fill the form out completely and neatly. It may be necessary to repeat certain information on the application such as your job history. Do it even though it may be tedious and repetitive.
The Interviewer

A firm handshake and a smile are always appropriate when you are introduced to the interviewer. Be friendly and enthusiastic. Put yourself in the interviewer's place. The person you hire, you will have to work with. Wouldn't you rather work with a friendly enthusiastic individual? A positive attitude may give you an edge over someone else. Use the interviewer's name when possible. People love to hear their own name. When asked questions, make your answers concise. Let the interviewer lead.
Body Language

If seated, sit up straight and lean slightly forward towards the interviewer. Make eye contact to show you are interested. Nod your head to show you are attentive. Smile.
The End of the Interview

Thank the interviewer. Now would be the time to ask questions to show your interest such as will there be other interviews, when will you make your decision? Very often, in today's job market, there may be at least two interviews before an employer makes a decision. If you are interested in the position, tell the interviewer -be direct! Say, I hope I will be selected, I look forward to hearing from you, and I know if I am selected, I will be an asset to your company. Make sure to shake the interviewer's hand when leaving.
After the Interview

Call your Comet consultant as soon as you can. We want to know all of your feedback so we know how to respond to the client company. A short thank you note to the employer is appropriate