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What Employers Should Know

At Comet Employment Agency, Inc, we know how much time it takes to recruit, screen, and evaluate prospective employees. As professionals, we understand that advertising may be one tool an employer can use but it is not the most efficient tool and cost-effective job placement tool.

Consider the following "behind the scenes" facts and hidden costs:
1. What we see is not always what you see.

We'll save you hours of your valuable time by sending you only "the best of the best"- those employees whose skill set, expertise and experience are most compatible with your business needs. We would be happy to spend time with you to better understand your needs.

The end result will be the right result.

Pre-screening, resume and reference checking, and technical testing are "time stealers." And time is money. Our job is to optimize your dollars spent.

3. Experienced assessment.

Our counselors are trained to carefully assess and evaluate their candidates prior to presentation to a client company.

4. We guarantee a perfect match.

Every time.